x spoken from a broken hearted angel x

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Single / Alone Quotes

i didnt write any of these. im not claiming them as mine. i found them on lots of different sites. and i think theyr really good. if u were the writer of one of them email me and tell me so i can giv u credit



I Need a Boy...a True Guy, one who Looks Real tough...But won’t make me cry. I Need That Kinda guy who Understands...And even When He’s with His boys he still says..."baby, Hold my hand..

I look around and all I see is couples... skinny blonde with some tall dark muscular guy... holding her tight... stealing kisses when they think no one is watching... when is it my turn? God, how I wish I could be her... God, how I would give my everything to be her... just for one day... just for one hour... one-second... just for one kiss... just to be held... just to know that someone is there... to know that someone cares... to know that someone could care about me as much as they do about all the skinny blondes..."


Im always behind the scenes...never the star
im always the friend...never the girl</3

Guess im stuck Being a Full Time flirt
Cos all the Guys Here are fucking Jerks

What I need to find, is someone to hold me tight...
What I mean is I want to be somebody's somebody...
Someone's someone...some sweetheart’s sweetheart
I wanna be that one
Someone faithful to someone faithful... someone kind to someone kind to me
Somebody to somebody who loves me

I need a man that'll treat me good....not like these lil boys that claim they could

im sick of these little boys
and the games that they play
either you want me or u don’t
bounce or stay


Single... sexy... free to flirt...
wanna be in love... don’t wanna get hurt

I love the whole flirting around; being with your girls; an independent woman
but I wouldn’t mind holding hands. Going on dates.
Being his girl


Yah I know it might seem like I need love
But in this world
everyone who falls in love
Falls apart


Still getting hurt over and over again. No more stressing and obsessin. From now on I’m having fun and refusing to give my heart to anyone Yeah I'm alone, but i dont need happy couples walking down the hall togther to remind me.

im not a girl that thinks a guy is the answer
im just tired of being alone

Just Once I Wanna Be The Girl That’s Hard to Walk Away From..

I'm Tired Of not being enough... not Being someone’s Once In A Lifetime...

All I want is a guy to hold me, kiss me, and look at me and say 'I love you' and actually mean it

I feel like no 1 wants me or that im not
even there when it comes to me liking someone
they just don’t seem to care

I just want that one person that can make me smile when I’m crying
That will laugh at my jokes even when they’re not funny
Make me feel like I’m the only person in my world
And if someone says something about me he’ll stick up for me
I just want that one person that I can love
And he’ll love me with all his heart

I’m so sick of being single...I need a guy
to hold me tight when I start to cry
I need a guy that’s nice and so damn fine 
So I can tell my girls... "Yep, he's mine!"

Sometimes I want someone to just hold me when I need it. Not a hug, but just hold me, you know? I need someone to actually love me for once in my life

I don't wanna be everything to everyone...
But I'd like to be something to someone...


the only and only thing I want right now
is to find a guy who likes me for
a guy who isn’t afraid to act like himself around me
and for me to be able to act like myself around him
someone to cuddle with and make me feel wanted
someone to love … and someone to love me


I Need A Boy Who Would Let Me Cry On His Shoulder

Hold Me Until It’s All Over

Pick My Head Up And Kiss Me

And Say “I Love You No Matter What

And Everything Will Be Okay”


I’m Convincing Myself, Yes I’ll Find Someone New, I Won’t Be Alone, And I Won’t Be With You.  You’re Waiting For Me To Crawl Back To Your Side, But No… Not This Time.  I’m Keeping My Pride… So Good-Bye Forever, I’ll Be On My Way, It’s Going To Take Time, But I’ll Be Okay.


What if the guy holding your hand,
and the guy holding your heart,
isn't the same one?


You know that feeling you get when you start to realize you're alone? When you just wake up one day and snap out of some trance you've been in. It's like that rude awakening from the cold air. Well, it hit me today. Walking in the hallway with couples at lockers, ahead of me, behind me, all around me. Until all I see is a world paired off leaving me the odd one out.

without you in my life i guess i'll jus go.. but one day i hope you see.. we were TRULY meant to be