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My Tyler

this page is dedicated to the hottest sexiest amishest guy i kno. hes my tyler and hes mine and u cant have him because i dont share


10 Reasons Tyler Is So Amazingly [[ A W E S O M E ]]
1. Hes friends with me. DUH anyone friends with me is instantly awesome. Lol joking but okay yes hes awesome cos he is my friend. He's like my best friend honestly, i talk to him ALL the time lol spend all my money texting him and yeah.. i jus couldnt live without him
2. Hes funny. Omg hes hilarious. Lol he always makes me laugh and smile.. I jus crack up laughing randomly and everyones like what..? but its cos he makes me laugh. And sometimes its hard to do that but he ALWAYS does
3. He's sweet. Like the sweetest guy ever. He always has the right things to say at the right time, he really makes u feel really special. Hes so caring and nice.
4. He's always there for me. I count on him to always be here for me, even at like 3 o clock in the morning, i can text him and whinge (lol) and when he waked up in the morning he'll text me back and make me feel better again
5. This is a new entry. Because his cat catches crickets! Lmfao i never knew cats did that, but tyler, your cat is truly special. It jus makes u all the more awesomerer.
6. He can do weights and text and eat rashuns at the same time. Lol wow talk about multitalented.. I cant do that!
7. He can amuse you for hours ;-) lol i could talk to him forever and never get bored
8. He's fun to watch tv with. Even if he likes evil people GRRR AMANDA. but still we watch tv together.. kind of.. spirtitually lol K U Z CO KUZCO KUZCO GO GO
9. He's mine. End of story.
10. HES AMISH!! OH YEAH amish people are the BEST

click here to see some sexy amish action

Famous Tyler & Michelle Quotes
Tyler: I'm outside trying to find the cricket
Michelle: The cricket? Those annoying bird things?
Tyler: Yes but they're bugs.
Michelle: I'm making cookies
Tyler: Omg yum
Michelle: Na they'll suck
(20 minutes later)
Michelle: Okay they all burneded
Tyler: I hate 4wds they make me sick
Michelle: Really what did it say?
Tyler: I dunno, cars cant talk
Tyler: Um whats a pink and green fruit omg pinkgreenas
Michelle: lmao watermelon
Tyler: lmao omg so true lmao I never thought of that

without you in my life i guess i'll jus go.. but one day i hope you see.. we were TRULY meant to be