x spoken from a broken hearted angel x

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Cute Stuff

hmm, this is random stuff i thought was cute.. so yah. didnt write it etc

Someone Else

Our song is softly playing
Alone again, I cry
I feel so very small
Below this endless sky

I watched you smiling at her
The way you smiled at me
Her hand inside of yours
Just like mine used to be

You hold her with such passion
And kiss her pretty lips
The way you used to hold me
And grasp me by the hips

That used to be my hand
That you would softly stroke
With undivided attention
Every time I spoke

You whisper in her ear
And give her love so fine
The sparkle in her eyes
Just like it was in mine

But still I let you go
And yes it breaks my heart
To stand alone without you
It tears my world apart

I'm sorry that I hurt you
But baby you're my life
I thought we’d be forever
And one day be your wife

I wish that I could hold you
Just LOOK you in the face
But now another sweetheart
Is standing in my place

Watching how you love her
And how she loves you too
It’s way too much to handle
To know I once had you...


To The Girl Who Will Replace Me

To the girl who will replace me ...

There are just a couple of things that I thought I should tell you. I learned these while I was the object of your guy's affection. First of all, don't be frightened if he smothers much more love on you than you had expected. Don't be surprised if he treats you much better than any other guy you have ever met. And let it not scare you that he will actually listen carefully to every word you say, even when you're just speaking quietly.

Also, you should know that he remembers everything you will say. He's hurt easily, especially by the painful words a careless girl will say. If you do hurt him, then you'll have to pay the price of seeing the broken look in his passionate and deep brown eyes, and watch the light in them fade. But if this happens, all is not lost- a kiss and an "I love you" can heal anything. And please, don’t say I love you to him, unless you really mean it, nothing hurts him more then someone who really doesn’t care.


Sometimes, he won't tell you what he is feeling, but... just know that he is protecting you and if you ever feel that something isn't right, just look into his beautiful brown eyes and you will be able to see into him. You can see everything he is feeling, everything he is thinking, everything that isn't right with him... He won't ever try to hurt you, because he just isn't that way, so please don't hurt him because if you do, I don't think I could ever forgive you. I don't think there could ever be a worse feeling in the world than knowing that you have the boy that I love and knowing that you hurt him.

You should know that if you two ever get into a fight, just make sure you pick only the ones worth fighting for... He will always keep his temper and will never curse at you or call you names, despite the anger he may be feeling.

Though he may act mature, most of the time, once he's given you his heart, he will begin to open up to you and his silliness will make your heart smile, in a way that words can not explain.

Don't hold a tight grip on him, let him go and be part of the world and experience new things. You will find that he is a busy guy and that he is so very independent. Sometimes, he will need his space, but don't worry... He'll always make time for you and even when you're not around, you'll be in his thoughts.

You will find that he isn't like any other guy that you have met, so please don't take him for granite. When it comes to his money, don't take advantage of that, He will be so unselfish with it, because that is the way he is.

Remember, He likes green better than blue, brunettes better than blonds, Republicans better than Democrats, Soft pretzels win over Steak, Khaki over denim, Leather over cloth, and even though he won't admit it, he really does like to be surprised.

He is less tough than he may appear, you just have to take the time and let him bring down his guard... He is so sweet and so amazing and know that if you ever leave him, you will break his heart apart, the same way that my heart breaks apart, as I sit here writing this to

Don't ever try to pull him away from his dreams. He is going to be an extremely successful attorney and won't ever let you give up on your dreams, either. He will encourage you to become everything you can be and will never, ever let you down.

He likes it when you kiss his ear and nothing is better than hugging each other. Just watch how your hand will fit perfectly into his and when it does, it seems as if nothing in the world could hurt you, because he is there. And when he puts his arms around you and tells you that you are the girl he loves, you will know, there isn't any guy in the world better than him...

Don't ever let him go. You will regret doing so, for the rest of time...


I promise, you will.

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without you in my life i guess i'll jus go.. but one day i hope you see.. we were TRULY meant to be