x spoken from a broken hearted angel x

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Unrequitted Love Quotes

i didnt write any of these. im not claiming them as mine. i found them on lots of different sites. and i think theyr really good. if u were the writer of one of them email me and tell me so i can giv u credit



i told you how i felt
but you did nothing except blush
and that hurts
because there couldve been somethin
if u had spoken


it`s hard to wait around
for something that you know
will never happen..
but it`s harder to stop
when you know it`s everything
you`ve always wanted

There's so much I can't say when I look in your eyes,
I'm worried you'll reject me, and hurt my foolish pride,
Each day i like you more and more but I could never let you know,
There is so much behind my smile, that I could never show,
I'd hold you for a lifetime if you would only let me in,
I'd love you like no other, but you don't understand.
Every time I see you, your holdin' on to her,
The pains like a knife, cutin' deep inside my soul,
So I'll dream of us together of just how it could be
and all that you are will remain a silent part of me


My whole life is a mess right now
All I can think about is you
I don’t sleep, I don’t eat anymore
And I discovered feelings that are so new.
I want to hear your voice
Every minute of the day
I just don’t have the guts to call you
Afraid of what you might say.
Maybe you don’t feel the same
Or maybe you do
I am just scared to tell my feelings
Even if it is to you.
I wish I knew how to tell you
I really want to say:
I love you with all of my heart
Forever and a day.


What if the guy holding your hand,
and the guy holding your heart,
isn't the same one?


she finally told him how she felt
she downright spilled her heart out
& prayed to herself that he would
care , but he walked away as she
silently stood there in the pouring rain

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without you in my life i guess i'll jus go.. but one day i hope you see.. we were TRULY meant to be