x spoken from a broken hearted angel x

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Depressed Quotes

i didnt write any of these. im not claiming them as mine. i found them on lots of different sites. and i think theyr really good. if u were the writer of one of them email me and tell me so i can giv u credit



Fake smile on my face
Feeling so out of place
My lips tell a lie
Inside I just want to cry
I must get through the day
But oh, I hate feeling this way...


A locked door,
a rusty razor,
a towel stained with red.
A folded note,
a broken mirror,
and young girl lays there dead.
Their emotions tangle,
the room begins to swirl.
She was Mommy's perfect angel
and Daddy's little girl.


she finally lets go of her fake smile
and the tears slowly roll down her
face as she whispers in the mirror
-- i dont wanna be me


It's just one of those days
Where I just want to disappear,
To get away from everything,
Because I hate my life here.


everyone keeps asking me if i'm okay..
what the hell do they want me to say?
no.. i'm not okay. and then what? so i
just smile and say i'm fine .. even tho
i'm really dying inside </3


im the girl. the one thats always lost. the one with the fake smile. the girl who seems to be SO strong but daily continues to break. that girl whos always there and seems to have NO problems of her own. the one who holds back tears. ..until shes off the phone. that girl is in love.. with a boy that isnt the one she wants.


Force a smile, blink away the tears
Im supposed to be strong
supposed to have no fears
but im finding it hard not to frown
im such a strong person
why am i breaking down


I know it seems like I'm this strong person who can get through anything,

but inside I'm fragile. I've had so many things thrown at me,

and each one has only made a crack.

What I'm afraid of is shattering


It hurts 2 feel that no one is there 4 you
and that nobdoy cares
wondering what your purpose is
or why your even there


No one knows the real me
No one knows what I'm thinking
No one understands me
No one know how I really feel
No one knows what I'm like under this mask
No one cares that they hurt me...


My dreams tell me secrets
My mind tells me lies
My heart screams for help
My eyes only cry

Sometimes i just feel like
Running away....
just to see who would follow
just to see who really cares
or if anyone cares at all.....


I'm going to smile..
and make u think im happy..
im going to laugh..
so u dont see me cry..
and even if it kills me..
im going to smile.

I don't know what to do anymore,
nothing feels the same,
I never see a smile in the mirror,
I only see pain,
pain beneath my soul,
so deep inside of me
there is no escaping it,
no coming back to a normal state of mind,
there's nothing I can do anymore.


I'm sick of smiling, & so is my jaw,
can't you see my front is crumbling down?
I'm sick of being somone i'm not..


it's like im drowning and you're just
describing the wate. As good as it gets,
behind every beautiful thing, there's
some kind of pain .. <|3


you wonder how it feels ta walk a mile
inside tha shoes of a girl like me . . . who
dont got a thing too loose could you step
in my shes and walk just a mile and after
all the hurt still manage to fukin smile


words never [ hurt ] me
change never [ kills ] me
love never [ breaks ] me
fear never [ shakes ] me
my hopes never [ fade away ]
i never need to [ break away ]
my tears are never [ here to stay ]
i'm always [ happy ]
i never [ lie ]
yeah..[ o n c e u p o n a t i m e ]


this isnt
a perfect world
you smile
when all you wanna do is cry
you act like you’re okay
when you are really falling apart..
but you move on

because there is nothing else to do ..
even though its slowly
killing you


the girl who seemed unbreakable is finally starting to break

the one who seemed so strong its crumbling apart

the one who always laughs it off is constantly crying

the girl who would never give up, finally quit trying



i'm sorry i have to tell you this.

i'm breaking up with you.

i'm sick of people talking shit about me

it's all because of you.

i'm starting over.

i don't wanna be that girl they talk about anymore.

i regret the things i've done

i don't want to be known for them anymore.

i miss the old me;

the one with tons of friends;

when i didn't have a problem

with wearing a matching outfit with my mommy;

when girls weren't so damn cruel..

when best friends weren't split up

when a smile came easily to my face.

i'm tired of you ruining my life.

i'm sick of you.

so here's my goodbye to you, reputation.

i'll miss you forever


If I could just wash away the pain, all the memories and the shame I would scrub until there was no more stain, and watch the dirty water go down the drain


she's been thinking
& wishing she could hide
from the girls with
the comments passing by
its the boys in bars on friday night
that replace the emptiness inside
she'll be spending her whole weekend
faking laughs and faking smiles
with her fake friends

So I say thank you for the scars
And the guilt and the pain
Every tear I've never cried
Has sealed your fucking fate


I will not be broken
I am the one

One can only feel desolate for so long
Until one starts to change
Into something the mirror doesn't recognize
I metamorphasize

Just live and breathe
And try not to die again.

When the shadows beam
Misery remains
I won't leave this time.


Strip away vanity
Just as you comsume me
Broken smile, starless sky
Save it all, Say goodbye

You're out in left field
And lacking interest
You fight the boredom
But it makes no difference
Your mental health, kid
That's what's in question
Keep acting obscure
We'll keep them guessing

You wake to suffer through the day
Trade a dream for the pay
Well here's the fact, I hope it sticks
You're just alive out of habit

The thing is
I'm not worth the sorrow
And if you come and
Meet me tomorrow
I will hold you down
Fold you in
Deep, deep, deep
In the fiction we live.

without you in my life i guess i'll jus go.. but one day i hope you see.. we were TRULY meant to be