x spoken from a broken hearted angel x

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well i was jus reading through my journals at my endless supply of poetry and i realised theres are the only 2 of my own poems which i actually like. they describe exactly how i feel, i wrote them when i was in hospital last year, so please dont take them without asking me. okay?

* Tears *
Tears trickle down
Hand reaches out
Broken glass shattered
Head full of doubt
This time theres no pain
Im used to it now
Blood seeps out slowly
Head spinning out
Tears trickle down
Whys life so unfair
Nobody to love
Nobody to care
Lonely and lost
Heart full of pain
Tears trickle down
Again and again
* Red as Roses *
Tears glide down her icy cheek
Burning through the pain
Knives glide through the emptiness
The feelings just the same
Her heart is cold and lonely
Her wrists are torn with scars
She wallows in the sadness
The endings not so far
The blood as red as roses
The blades are blunt and broken
Her shadow soul is closed
The happiness wont open
Fear gathers in her mind
As blood drips to the floor
Panic, excitement, hope
Feelings i cant ignore

without you in my life i guess i'll jus go.. but one day i hope you see.. we were TRULY meant to be